Gold Key

is an independent, grass-roots initiative, the goal of which is the creation of a financial and psychological aid for students, professors, activists, and educational and culture workers who reside in Russia and are against the war. Today, all Russian citizens who protest the war are in political and economic danger. Attending street protests or spreading information on the internet is leading to serious fines and, potentially, the loss of work, means of existence, and prison sentences. At present, there are NGOs working on providing legal help to political activists and protesters.

We want to provide help in those situations that existing NGOs do not cover or only cover partially:









Our project provides psychological help to those who need it. We are working with the psychoanalytic approach. You can reach out to us for help if:

  • you are suffering from fear, anxiety, or are feeling helpless;

  • you are suffering from psychical pain or discomfort

  • you are having problems communicating with others (friends, colleagues, family members)

  • if you find yourself unable to act or make decisions;

  • Also, if you encountered physical and emotional violence because of your anti-war stance and activity

In-person and online consultation are available..


We are prepared to offer financial help both to those undergoing political oppression and to political activists whose lives have been complicated by the war:

  • Payment of fines for participation in protests and spreading information about the war and for the work of legal council

  • The provision of basic needs: money for food, medicine, and essential goods


In case of the real risks of political persecution we will provide for shelter, either in one’s own city or in another on the territory of the Russian federation.

How to apply for help

Here potential recipients of support can use the feedback channels to get in touch directly with project volunteers. The safest way to communicate is the encrypted e-mail service, Protonmail, afterwards — vis messenger services like Signal or Element.

In order to get in touch with us, you have to fill out our application form and indicate a type of help that you seek.
We will respond to you and verify your application.

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Become a part of the initiative

We are looking for volunteers who are prepared to help us. Whom we need:

  • Specialists in the sphere of psychology who are willing to offer psychological support for free​​​​​​​

  • ​​​​​​​Volunteers who can carry out communications with people in stressful situations. In certain cases, you will need to give maximally simple instructions and verify that a person in danger understands you. You will need to remain in contact with them until the status of their application has been established. You will be provided with instructions for volunteers specializing in communication in emergency situations.

If you are willing and able to join our team, you can fill out this our application form.

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How to support the project

Because of the sanctions and the disconnection of Russian banks from SWIFT the system of money transfers to Russia has become much more complicated and is constantly changing. We plan to send financial support directly or through trusted individuals from the activist community. We plan to use several methods for the transactions: cryptocurrency and a European bank account.

For security reasons we cannot publish our bank accounts at this webpage. In order to send a donation to our bank accounts as well as via Money Gram, you can send an email to [email protected] We will contact you and give you our account details.






PayPal: [email protected]